Building a model to reduce the cost of hajj in the Iraqi Authority for Hajj and Umrah

  • Haidar A. Abood
  • Sabah M. Retha
Keywords: بحوث العمليات، البرمجة الخطية، مشاكل النقل، النماذج الرياضية، نماذج النقل., Building Models, Linear Programming, Mathematical models, Operations Research, Transportation Problems.


The research is summarized in the construction of a mathematical model using the most common methods in the science of Operations Research, which are the models of transportation and linear programming to find the best solution to the problem of the high cost of hajj in Iraq, and this is done by reaching the optimum number of pilgrims traveling through both land ports and the number Ideal for passengers traveling through airports by Iraqi Airways, instead of relying on the personal experience of the decision-maker in Hajj and Umrah Authority by identifying the best port for pilgrim's travel, which can tolerate right or wrong, has been based on scientific methods of Operations Research, the researcher built two mathematical models, the first model was formulated in the form of a Transport problem and its goal is to determine the optimal number of traveling pilgrims through air or land ports and each province with the identification of the best port for travel (the least expensive), while the second model specifies the optimal duration of stay pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, taking into account the limitations of the problem, So it was the result reduce the total cost of hajj by (15,107,574.8) U.S. dollars or 11 percent. The results also included the preparation of a comprehensive plan for the development of transporting pilgrims, which the decision-makers of the Authority can use to transport pilgrims from Iraq to Saudi Arabia in the coming years.


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A. Abood, H. and M. Retha, S. (2020) “Building a model to reduce the cost of hajj in the Iraqi Authority for Hajj and Umrah”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(123), pp. 158-175. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i123.1993.
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