Intellectual Capital and Role in Achieving of Management of Customer Experience : A field study of the views of a sample of the leaders of Iraqi banks

  • لمياء سلمان عبد
  • نادية داخل عناد


The issue of intellectual capital is a critical issue in the success and excellence of organizations, especially if it is linked to the management of customer experience, and because of the characteristic of the Iraqi environment, which affected all sectors, including the banking sector, it was important to discuss the types of intellectual capital and its relationship to the management of customer experience, especially when managers private banks, the importance of research lies in the linking of its variables to build the strategic capabilities of banks to achieve excellence and sustainability, it aims to diagnose the extent of interest in the types of intellectual capital and management of customer experience in the Iraqi banking sector.

One of the most important hypotheses from which the research started is that intellectual capital has a significant influence on the management of the customer's experience. The research community represented (33) private banks in Baghdad, where the sample of the research targeted (10) banks, represented by (120) executive director in the general administration of the researched banks and those who have them. A direct relationship with customers and participants in banking decision-making, the analytical method (quantitative) was adopted using the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data and information related to research. The appropriate statistical tools were chosen in terms of the Pearson's correlation coefficient to test the relationships between variables and the simple and multiple regression equation for impact testing by statistical programs (SPSSV.23), (AMOSV.23). The results also showed the validity of correlations and influence on the level of variables, then data analysis was performed. Diagnosing conclusions and formulating recommendations.

The most important findings of the research show that the executives of the banks of the research sample have employed the types of intellectual capital (human capital, relationship capital, structural capital) to achieve the management of the customer experience, where the results were generally higher correlation than the individual sub-dimensions.

The most important recommendations need to invest the relationship between the relationship capital (employee relationship, customer relationship) and the management of customer experience if the banks need to activate this relationship through which the customer is followed up and communicate with him and establish a good relationship and win the friendliness and trust of the customer by providing distinctive service Creating a distinctive image in the minds of customers

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عبدل. and عنادن. (2020) “Intellectual Capital and Role in Achieving of Management of Customer Experience : A field study of the views of a sample of the leaders of Iraqi banks”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(120), pp. 108-126. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i120.1908.
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