Peer Review Policy

1- The Journal follows a double-blind peer review policy. This process helps counterparts the editor-in-chief and editorial board make decisions and may help the author to improve research.

2- The reviewers are not required to review articles that do not fall within the Journal scope.

3- Any external auditor who feels ineligible to review the research submitted must notify the editor-in-chief and withdraw from the review process.

4- All peer reviewers must understand and abide by confidentiality standards related to the audit process.

5- The auditors should treat the research they receive for review as confidential documents. They must not disclose or discuss it with others except as authorized by the editor-in-chief.

6- The auditors must conduct the review objectively and should not direct any personal criticism of the author. They are also required to express their views clearly, while highlighting supporting arguments.

7- The reviewers inform the editor-in-chief of any significant similarity or overlap between the research that was reviewed and any other published work they have knowledge of.

8- Auditors may not use any information or data obtained from the research that was reviewed for their personal benefit.

9- The reviewers should not accept reviewing research in which they have a conflict of interest as a result of competitive or cooperative relationships or otherwise with the author (s).

10- The names and affiliations of the auditors should be kept in a secure database that complies with data protection standards.