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The Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences is a refereed Be issued every two months scientific issued by College of Administration and Economics/ University of Baghdad. It publishes scientific papers in the following fields:

  • economic and administrative studies
  • accounting and statistical studies
  • interested in research on applied and field studies and evaluation of cognitive styles and concepts and comparative studies and case studies.
  • building models and theoretical frameworks and summaries of Masters and PhDs outstanding.
  • the deployment of business conferences and seminars within and outside the country.
 History of The Journal

The Journal was quarterly published every three months and four issues per year, as well as it's journal concerned with the deployment of the upgrade for the purposes of research for professors.

The first issue was released it in (1973) as a hard copy and expanded in scope issued to arab countries and has attracted research from outside the country

The Journal's publications were as follows:

- (4) Issues per year (1973-2006) hard copies.

- (4) Issues per year (2007-2011) beginning of electronic publishing.

- (5) Issues per year (2012-2013)

- (6) Issues per year (2014-2015)

- (7) Issues per year (2016 - so far)