Impact of credit risk on cash and undertaking credit facilities


  • أياد طاهر محمد
  • احمد طالب حميد



مخاطر الائتمان, القروض, التسهيلات الائتمانية, الائتمان ., Credit Risk, Loans, Credit Facilities, Credit.


The aim of this research is to demonstrate the impact of credit risk on the banks of the study sample on the granting of loans and credit facilities, and try to reduce the size of credit risk to banks as a result of granting loans and credit facilities, credit risk is the oldest form of risk in financial markets. Every financial institution takes a degree of risk when it gives loans and credit facilities to companies and customers, It is exposed to financial losses when some borrowers fail to repay their loans as agreed, and at the same time credit facilities are the most profitable operations of the bank as it is the most profitable banking operations than other operations, so it represents the research community of private banks listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange, The research sample consisted of 14 banks (Shareholding company) selected from 37 banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, Stretched the duration of the research during the years (2012-2017), A set of indicators and financial methods were used to measure research variables, As well as relying on the method of tablet data (Panel data) in the analysis of the relationship between variables and test hypotheses research, The study concluded that there was no statistically significant effect of credit risk indicators on credit facilities.



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محمد أ. ط. and حميد ا. ط. (2020) “Impact of credit risk on cash and undertaking credit facilities”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(119), pp. 120–140. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i119.1877.



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