The Impact Of Knowledge Innovation On Strategic Empowerment (Comparative Field Research)

  • Ivan Adel Aref
  • Sanaa Abdel Rahim Alabadi


The Innovation Of Knowledge Is An Important And A Key Element In The Progress And Business Excellence Organizations, Therefore Requires Several Elements To Help Create And Implement And Move The Innovation Process Of Knowledge, Including The Strategic Empowerment Associated With The Element Of The Process Of Strategic Momentum Engine Driven Wheel Continuous Dynamic Innovation, And Focused Research Problem By Measuring The Availability Of Strategic Empowerment When Individuals From By Senior Departments And Ways To Help Organizations To Provide Empowerment Commensurate With The Requirements Of Achieving The Goals Of Time And Place Appropriate For The Individual, And The Importance Of Research Stems From The Importance Of The Variables And The Possibility Of Providing An Element Helps To Feature Competition And Lead A The Market Between Organizations, Research And Seeks To Draw Attention To The Empowerment Of This Element Important Strategic Personnel For Individuals Among The Factors Contributing To The Process Of Strategic Momentum Catalyst For The Strategic Plan As A Whole, And Began Research Hypotheses Main Points To Explore The Impact Of Relationships Between The Main Research Knowledge Creation And Empowerment Of Strategic Variables, And Included Community (103 ), An Expert And An Engineer And Consultant In Three Telecom Companies Iraqi Market Leader (Asiacell And Korek Telecom And Zain Iraq) Of The Total (138) Individuals, And Included Methods Of Data Collection And Note The Corresponding Field And Resolution As Well As The Field Of Presence Researcher, Were Analyzed Data By Statistical Methods Represented Ballosth Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviation And Coefficient Of Variation And Analysis Of Exploratory And Assertive And Standards Differences Moral Among The Surveyed Companies As A Test Kruskal And Mann-Whitney, The Researcher Reached Several Conclusions Of The Most Important Lack Of Surveyed Companies To Enable Their Members Strategically And Administratively And Aguetsaarham On The Implementation Of The Orders Only, Which Limits The Validity Of The Experiences And Knowledge In The Minds Of Providing Ideas And Contributions To Work On The Progress Of Their Organizations As Well As To Facilitate The Course Of The Strategic And Administrative Implementation, The Most Important Recommendations Was The Need To Confirm Supreme Departments To Enable F Radha In The Strategic Planning Process And Implementation And The Creation Of Appropriate Conditions To Enable Them And As Permitted Suitability For Individuals Strategic Empowerment.

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Aref, I. and Abdel Rahim Alabadi, S. (2020) “The Impact Of Knowledge Innovation On Strategic Empowerment (Comparative Field Research)”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(124), pp. 150-164. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i124.2035.
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