The effect of knowledge assimilation on strategic clarity - an exploratory study in the Iraqi Ministry of Transport - Iraqi Airways Company*


  • Riyadh Kareem Hassan
  • Salah Al-deen Awad Al-Kubasy



knowledge assimilation, strategic clarity, knowledge acquisition and understanding, knowledge investment, clarity of objectives, clarity of organizational structure



The research aims to build an integrated frame of knowledge for the basic research topics, represented by (assimilation of knowledge, strategic clarity) and their basic variables, by examining the most important scientific propositions on these topics in administrative thought, and framing the knowledge contained in them, in a serious attempt to provide appropriate answers to questions The research dilemma, and the research was applied in the Iraqi Airways Company, whose number is (1200) employees, and the descriptive and analytical approach was adopted in conducting the research. A valid form for statistical analysis, i.e., with a retrieval rate of (92%). The two researchers used the (SPSS & AMOS) program for the purpose of analyzing data statistically, and the statistical tools represented by (percentages, frequencies, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation) were used for the purpose of Obtaining statistical results, as the practical implications of the research lie in the results that it resulted in to help the management of Iraqi Airways to take advantage of the nature of the direct relationship between knowledge acquisition and basic clarity. Strategy and continue its procedures and processes in the field of acquiring knowledge to enhance opportunities for creating strategic clarity in the field of goals and the use of resources, procedures and work activities towards developing and expanding the company's work, and the value of the research is highlighted in its direction to support a governmental organization that provides its services directly to the Iraqi citizen as well as to foreigners. A set of conclusions, the most important of which is that the management of the Iraqi Airways Company was able to use the process of acquiring knowledge for exploration, research and development, and the use of information technology to enhance strategic clarity through the use of resources, clarity of objectives, clarity of work procedures and activities in drawing a clear organizational structure


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“The effect of knowledge assimilation on strategic clarity - an exploratory study in the Iraqi Ministry of Transport - Iraqi Airways Company*” (2021) Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 27(126), pp. 70–85. doi:10.33095/jeas.v27i126.2097.

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