Using Project Management Maturity Model to Evaluate Construction Sector -Organizations. Case Study at the Department of buildings - Karkh first


  • مهـا كامل جـواد
  • اسراء هادي كاظم



نضج إدارة المشاريع، نموذج(PM3)، المجالات المعرفية., Project Management Maturity, Model (PM3), Knowledge Areas.


The education sector suffers from many problems, including the scarcity of schools that can absorb the increasing number of students in light of the increasing population growth rate, as some regions suffer from a lack of opening of new schools or the expansion of existing schools to increase their capacity so that attention is required. The research sought to identify the level of maturity of project management at the research site (Building Department in Al-Karkh I/ Ministry of Education) Being responsible for educational projects and their implementation and to know that, the ten areas of the knowledge guide to project management PMBOK have been adopted according to the PM3 model (one of the models of maturity of project management), because of the importance of projects provided by the department of school buildings, especially in the field of education, and that the implementation of projects at a high level of maturity, provides a benefit to a wide range of citizens, the research aims to determine the maturity level of each project department at the site of the research and to find out the most influential reasons and find the necessary solutions to address the decline in the level of maturity of project management. Adopted in this research the method of case study being the most appropriate to achieve the objectives of the research as well as the advantages of this approach of combining more than one method in one, the list of examination was used to determine the level of maturity of the administration and then determine the causes of it according to the scheme of cause and effect and address the causes through the scheme of the impact of the solution, and has  The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which was the weakness of the departments for advance planning, such as the lack of a special number of divisions in the administration of the project, and a very high neglect of the department for human resources management, the required skills for the project are not identified, and no individual skills are adopted to enhance performance, and accordingly the research suggests using comprehensive quality tools to diagnose the causes of low maturity of project management and treatment in educational and educational institutions to reduce time, effort, cost and ease Application, and training in the organization the site of research on the use and practice of these tools by individuals.                                                                                                                      


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جـواد م. ك. and كاظم ا. ه. (2020) “Using Project Management Maturity Model to Evaluate Construction Sector -Organizations. Case Study at the Department of buildings - Karkh first”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(119), pp. 164–185. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i119.1879.



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