The impact of strategic leadership skills on effective environmental management according to the (VUCA Prime) model

  • Hasan A. K. AL Najm
  • Salah Aldeen A. AL Kubaisi


Purpose: clarify the integrative relationship of strategic leadership skills and effective management and the role of those skills combined or individually in achieving effective management.

Research design: The researchers used the quantitative method by surveying a class sample from the heads of the executive departments in a group of Iraqi private banks, consisting of (106) individuals according to the (VUCA Prime) methodology for effective management and the ten skills model for Johansen. The questionnaire was analyzed using a model of the structural equation.

Findings: The most prominent results of the research were the presence of a weak role for skills at the individual level and highly influencing in a general way to reach effective management. Accordingly, a mechanism has been proposed to invest and develop leadership skills and develop them to reach effective management that is reflected in the success of the higher departments with an integrated view to enhancing their strategic opportunities.

 Research limitations: The researcher faced many difficulties, including the country's difficult circumstances and the fear of most  Top  management of banking from the results of the evaluation, which led to inaccurate answers that were avoided by conducting direct interviews with the Iraqi Private Banks League and the top  management of those banks and the use of appropriate statistical methods in the quantitative analysis of the results

The practical implications: Establishing a clear methodology to enable the top management to reach effective management through developing and acquiring high leadership skills, enabling them to achieve success and adapt in the face of successive crises.

Social implications: The necessities of economic prosperity. the presence of successful the top managements that use the stock of skills they possess in order to flourish their societies, which represents the social responsibility of the research sample banks and their use in finding a customer-centred relationship.

Originality/value: Skills are among the topics presented by the literature since the early fifties and in a volatile environment (VUCA environment) and a failure to manage successive crises since the early 1990s, including the global financial crisis and the Corona crisis and moral and emotional challenges since the early nineties, and originality lies in examining how to address those Skills for the effects of the environment (VUCA) to reach effective management.

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A. K. AL Najm, H. and A. AL Kubaisi, S. A. (2020) “The impact of strategic leadership skills on effective environmental management according to the (VUCA Prime) model”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 26(124), pp. 17-39. doi: 10.33095/jeas.v26i124.2028.
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