Measuring the Costs of Renewable Resources and Their Role in Reducing the Costs of Available Resources in The Iraqi Economic Units


  • Farah Istabrak Hadi
  • Miaad Hameed Ali



: Renewable Resources, Cost Reduction


As a result of the developments witnessed by the world and technological progress in all fields and its trend towards preserving the environment and its resources and reducing pollution in it, which required the economic units to search for resources to help them reduce costs and protect the environment from pollution while preserving its non-renewable resources, and in order to address this problem, the researcher determined the costs of available resources (non-renewable) for the production of electrical energy, which constitutes the largest proportion of indirect costs,  Therefore, the research was launched to reduce these costs by replacing non-renewable resources with renewable resources in order to reduce costs on the one hand, protect the environment on the other hand, and help preserve non-renewable resources for future generations. To achieve this goal, the researcher carried out the field pension for Al-Mamoon factory in order to determine energy costs Electric using non-renewable resources, as well as field visits to obtain information from the Free Lights Company for Solar Energy and General Trading in order to determine the costs of renewable resources represented by solar energy. One of the most important results of the research was the is that the best resource of the six resources for generating electrical energy is the solar energy resource, it is safe and available in abundance and does not pose a threat to humans and the environment, Also, the findings of the current research revealed  that investing in solar cells leads to an increase in investment costs, but at the same time leads to reducing the costs of use over its life of 30 years as a result leads to reducing the costs of producing electrical energy.




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“Measuring the Costs of Renewable Resources and Their Role in Reducing the Costs of Available Resources in The Iraqi Economic Units” (2024) Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 30(141), pp. 586–594. doi:10.33095/qf9wqz17.

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