Strategy formulation for Missan Oil Company for the years 2020-2024


  • علاء كريم صدام الكعبي
  • صلاح الدين عواد كريم الكبيسي



صياغة الاستراتيجية، نماذج الصياغة، التحليل الاستراتيجي، القضايا الاستراتيجية، تحليل SOWT، مصفوفة SPACE ., Strategy formulation, Formulation models, Strategic analysis, Strategic issues, SOWT analysis, SPACE matrix.


     The research problem revolves around the failure of Maysan Oil Company to have a strategy that enables it to keep up with work in a mysterious and highly dynamic environment. Therefore, the research aims to present a proposed strategy that is comprehensive and realistic to the Maysan Oil Company for the next five years (2020-2024) based on the position and conditions of the company Current and future by adopting the scientific foundations for formulating the strategy, and the importance of research lies in the company's situational analysis to know its internal capabilities from strengths or weaknesses and diagnosing the surrounding elements of opportunities or threats so that this analysis represents a starting point for formulating the proposed strategy for the company.

     The researchers adopted the case study approach to its objectivity and breadth of the researched case with its detailed details, using the checklist, personal observation and interviews as tools to collect data and information from the field side of the research using the David model as a measure of the analysis of internal and external environmental factors that were determined according to a number of stormy sessions The mindset of the strategic planning team that was formed for this matter in the company, and after the analysis and survey of all the company's resources, its organizational structure and the elements of its environment surrounding it, the researchers were able to build a matrix (SWOT) for the purpose of determining the environmental position of the company, and from there the researchers adopted a model (Bryson) in determining The company's strategic issues, including these issues for constraints, programs, time horizon, strategic alternative, implementing and follow-up bodies, as well as indicators of success to judge the extent of the deviation in achievement rates.

     The results of the research showed that the most appropriate strategy for the Maysan Oil Company is the growth and expansion strategy (strength - opportunities), which obtained an acceptance rate of 75.27%, which provides an appropriate opportunity to achieve the goals of the company for the next five years. Moreover, the researchers found that the internal environment is moving towards strength while The external environment is destined for threat.


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